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Week of 8 June 2003

A low-color week....
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Guest Comic Series
Vol. 2: "Myuo Gets Worried..."

8 June 2003: Sorry guys...

Yeah I gotta go, sorry

11 June 2003: You know you've... #2

camera trailing effects ahoy!

13 June 2003: The only love for zerkers in 1.62

Note: This is one of the older Camelot Addicts from my initial experimental stockpile. However, it seemed appropriate now given that zerkers aren't getting much love, hamstered or not, in 1.62 or anytime soon. It also rounds out this week's mostly black-and-white color theme :P. Too bad shadowblades don't have a cute and cuddly form.

6/13 Please see the news for today, esp. if you are on Percival.

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