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Myuo's (True) DAoC Manga

Vol 20: "Yes, Taunt..."

Err, why, yes!

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Translation Trivia: Just as English has various types of laughter that are matched to certain types of people (e.g., "ho ho ho" being a merry male Santa Claus-like laughter), so does Japanese. "Ha ha ha" is standard laughter as it is in English. "Heh heh heh" is a somewhat self-conscious laughter. "Hee hee hee" is used in anime and manga for creepy laughter, and "ku ku ku" is a sort of evil chuckle. "F(h)u f(h)u f(h)u" is another form of laughter that (at least in my opinion) has a smug edge to it (the initial consonant is IMHO closer to "h" but is also frequently written as "f"). A form of very feminine, elegant laughter is "hohoho" - not Santa's "ho! ho! ho!", but a short, light, fast repetitive sound (if you've heard undubbed anime with an elegant female villain, odds are you've heard the nasty version of this). In the last panel of this comic, the original laughter was an elegant feminine "ohohoho," which I changed to "heh heh heh" because English simply does not have the equivalent!

Cultural Note: holding one's hand in front of one's mouth while laughing is a polite feminine gesture in normal Japanese society. Holding the hand the way Lovin is doing so in the last panel is frequently seen in anime and manga with elegant, upper-class female characters.

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