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Those L33t Stealthers

Newest at top

From 06 April 2005: I shall...


From 10 May 2004: Now how much would you pay?

But wait, there's more...!
This one goes out to Yrin, who is not a stealther, but who needs a buff bot.

From 5 December 2003: Yay PA without an A.

Hamstring works well too...

From 1 October 2003: Been There, Died That Way


From 4 September 2003: Infils Infiltrating Indiscriminately

But I have a 9 sec stun! Nyah.

From 2 July 2003: Shh, shy shadowblade shindig

Please come straight this way....
(It would make a great tavern name :P)

From 14 May 2003: Time for a Reality Check!

Mothers also con very deep purple.

From 3 May 2003: Part of the l33t assassin set...

at least he doesn't use left axe!

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